Summer Music Camp with Suzuki method


Summer Music Camp in Spain. (Logroño, La Rioja)



Summer Camp with Suzuki method in Spain

Suzuki Summer Camp Oja Musicae


Suzuki Oja Musicae is a vibrant and activity-filled 5 day Suzuki Camp set in the Centro de Convivencias Maristas within the capital of La Rioja, Logroño. Suzuki Summer Camp Oja Musicae (SuSuCOM) is open to all babies (0-3) with their parents and to all Suzuki string playing (violin, viola, cello) and piano children aged 3, accompanied by parent(s)/guardian(s).

In addition to individual and group tuition, the course offers Dalcroze, Orchestra, Music Mind Games, sport facilities and a large outdoor swimming pool. We also offer solo concerts and the finale group concert. For parents, we provide inspirational talks and music making in the evenings.

We offer accommodation in comfortable rooms with en-suite bathroom within the house, or you are welcome to drive back and forth to the course if you live nearby.


Phones 663 754 569 | 636 062 079


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Dates for the course are: 3rd the 7th August 2019 in Logroño (La Rioja).

About the summer camp

Suzuki Summer Camp Oja Musicae (SuSuCOM) is open to all Suzuki string playing (violin, viola, cello and piano) children aged 3+, accompanied by parent(s)/guardian(s). Every child will be timetabled for four teaching sessions a day. This will include:


  • A Private Lesson – During private lessons teachers work individually with 3/4 children in a session. This popular and interesting format enables children and parents to learn from the individual tuition of other children.
  • A Suzuki Group lesson – This is the traditional Suzuki group session and play-together, always instructive and fun.
  • Two of the following classes, depending on age and ability – Dalcroze, Music Mind Games, Orchestra, Body Percussion and Choir. [Lessons start everyday at 10:00 and finish by 18:00].
  • Solo Concerts – We offer everyone the opportunity to perform in a Recital Platform.
  • Parent Talks – Inspirational parent-talks will be given during the course. During the talks children are looked after in musicianship sessions.
  • For Parents – Parents can enjoy playing with us in the orchestra and singing at the choir. Please, do bring your instruments.


Dates for the course are: 3rd the 7th August 2019.

The welcome meeting and playtogether will take place on Saturday 3rd of August, so we encourage all the families to arrive at the course on Saturday between 9:00 and 11:00 AM.

Lessons will start everyday at 10:00 and finish by 18:00, having a lunch break of 2 hours (14.00-16.00).

Although lessons start at 10:00 and finish at 18:00, every child will have 4 hours of lessons (1 group lesson, 1 individual lesson and 2 musicianship lessons).

House and accommodation

Centro de Convivencias Maristas is a centre managed by the Hermanos Maristas, a religious entity dedicated to educate children and adults as good hearted human beings. The facilities of the centre have private, double and triple bedrooms all with en-suite bathrooms and equipped with towels, pillows and pillow cases and all bed linens, dining room, Wifi, meeting rooms, spacious teaching rooms, a big garden, sports facilities (tennis, basketball, football) and an outdoor swimming pool.


The address of Centro de Convivencias Maristas:
Travesía Avda. de Madrid, 28
26080 Logroño – La Rioja

Link to the Centro de Convivencias website:


Bilbao & Zaragoza (both 2 hours away from Logroño). The companies that fly to Bilbao are Easyjet, Vueling, Iberia and British Airways. The company that flies to Zaragoza is Ryanair.

You can also fly to Madrid or Barcelona, and then take the fast train, although both cities are 4 hours away from Logroño.

Costs and application forms

To register to the camp, you must fill in an application form and make a 50 € deposit fee for SECE students and 100 € deposit fee for the rest of students, which is non refundable, or the full fee payment to the following bank account:

A/N: Collegium Musicum La Rioja
IBAN: ES24 2100 4824 5522 0003 3537

If you make a deposit fee of 50€/100€, then full payment is due by the 1st of June 2019. Refunds can be guaranteed (except the 50€/100€ deposit fee) if you notify Oja Musicae by writing, before the 30th of June.

2019 costs (do not include accommodation)


SECE (babies 0-3): 130 €
1 child: 280 €
2 children (siblings): 510 €
3 children (siblings): 690 €
Teacher observer, FEMS member: 100 €
Teacher observer, NO FEMS member: 180 €


SECE (babies 0-3): 180 €
1 child: 330 €
2 children (siblings): 610 €
3 children (siblings): 840 €
Teacher observer, FEMS member: 140 €
Teacher observer, NO FEMS member: 220 €

You must be a member of your National Suzuki Association to be able to apply to the course. If you are not, then you can apply for a temporarily membership number to come to the course. Contact your National Suzukui association for more information.


The course is fortunate in having a highly qualified, dedicated and caring faculty of teachers. Many are of international renown and are drawn from Europe.


  • VIOLIN, Music Mind Games, Dalcroze y SECE (Suzuki Early Childhood Education): Silvia Crusellas
  • PERCUSSION: Santi Serratosa
  • VIOLIN: Wilfred Van Gorp
  • VIOLA, VIOLIN y Music Mind Games: María López
  • CELLO, ORCHESTRA and CHOIR: Luis de Felipe
  • PIANO Suzuki and Music Mind Games: Silvia Gómez
  • Piano Accompanist: Pablo Muro
Silvia Crusellas

Silvia Crusellas


VIOLIN. Music Mind Games. Dalcroze & SECE

Santi Serratosa

Santi Serratosa



Wilfred Van Gorp

Wilfred Van Gorp



Pablo Muro

Pablo Muro



Luis de Felipe

Luis de Felipe



María López

María López


VIOLA, VIOLIN and Music Mind Games

Silvia Gómez

Silvia Gómez


Suzuki PIANO and Music Mind Games


ABOUT Silvia Crusellas

Silvia began her violin studies at the age of 7 at the Professional Conservatoire of Music of Sabadell (Barcelona) under the guidance of Professor Josep Lluis Puig Bartolome & Solange Dessane in Toulon (France), followers of the Dominique Hoppenot (Le Violon Interieur) method of violin playing, and extending them at the Superior Conservatoire of Music of Barcelona with Professor Joan Pamies & Evgeny Grach, who is a member of the LSO.

In 1996, she moved to London and studied with violinist Rodney Friend, Professor at the Royal College of Music, obtaining the CT ABRSM at The City Lit, under the guidance of Lesley Shrigley Jones. Enthusiastic about early education, in 2001 started her training on the Suzuki method, gaining in 2007 the Suzuki Method Diploma, recognised by the BSI and the ESA, under the Guidance of Felicity Lipman, Barbara Parham & Alison Apley. Later, she was accepted at the University of Sheffield where she completed in 2009 a Master in Music Psicology in Education. To complete her music education and violin pedagogy, in 2009 travels to Bloomingotn (USA) to study at Jacobs School of Music the program “String Pedagogy”, Indiana Univeristy, under the guidance of Mimi Sweig and her co-tutors Brenda Brenner, Sherry Sinift, James Przygocki and Rebecca Henry.

In 2010, she started her training on the Dalcroze method, from which she is still training, and in 2011 & 2012 receives her Certificates as Music Mind Games qualified teacher. In 2014, she embarks on learning the SECE (Suzuki Early Childhood Education) methodology for Babies, under the guidance of her creator Dorothy Jones, in Switzerland, and gaining her Certificate as SECE teacher of levels 1 & 2. In 2014 also, she was recognized by her founder and creator, Michiko Yurko, Teacher Trainer of Music Mind Games in Unit 1.

Silvia has performed with the Chamber orquestra “Eduard Toldrá”, where she was leader of 2nds and played as soloist; with Altissimo Ensemble, with whom she recorded a CD “San Gejtanu” in 2008 and with whom she performed at the Royal Festival Hall in London in 2009, presenting the compositions of Ian Steward. At present, she collaborates with Tactum Ensemble (Barcelona) and with the Orchestra Collegium Musicum La Rioja (Logroño).

Silvia has been founder member of Little Venice Suzuki Group, Founder and Director of Harrow Suzuki Group. In addition, she has been invited to many Suzuki workshops in England, Holland, Ireland and Spain.

At present, she lives in La Rioja, Spain, where she teaches violin, Dalcroze, SECE and Music Mind Games to children and where she traines other teachers to become Music Mind Games teachers.

Silvia wants to give the opportunity to every child to learn through music and be highly educated as human beings. She continues her CPD without stop to give all tools necessary to their students.

ABOUT Santi Serratosa

Santi Serratosa graduated in Modern Music in 1999, at the Liceo Conservatoire, Barcelona. Two years after, he carried on his superior percussion studies at the Drummers Collective of Nueva York. After a period of training and education with different percussion teachers, personal investigation and other musical studies, in 2011, he got a Masters Degree in Music Therapy.

At the same time he was training as a therapist, he also was training as a body percussionist with different renowned teachers as Anna Llombart and Stéphane Grosjean, and assisted in workshops and courses with Keith Terry, Fernando Barba, Jep Meléndez, Javier Romero, Nuria López, Shaman Lebrun and Ido Shtadler.

At present, he gives body percussion courses and workshops around his country, using his own methodology (Método SSM).
As a professional drummer he has performed and recorded with many bands since 1990, using different styles as jazz, Latino, flamenco-fusion, rock, funk, electronic music, etc. He has performed in many television programs and was the 3er drummer in the musical “Grease”. He also performs with renowned national pop bands as Astrio and Gossos, with whom he has recorded some albums and keeps touring.

As a body percussionist he has created, and is the director of, the SSM BigHand (Big band of body percussion) and shares the project Santi & Mariona Duet with Mariona Castells, with whom has participated in many advertising spots, artistic, social and educational events.

ABOUT Wilfried Van Gorp

Wilfried Van Gorp started his violin lessons in Turnhout with Jeanne Janssens. As one of the first Suzuki students in Europe, he obtained a professional diplome in violin and chamber music at the Royal Conservatory for Music in Brussels. For many years he played in different chamber orchestra’s, but being a teacher became most important. Since 1987 he is Suzuki violin teacher in Turnhout at the academie for music.

As teacher, speaker or member of jury he has been invited to attempt at national and international workshops, in Europe (as Poland, Spain, Finland, Great Britain, Switserland, Sweden, Denmark, UK, Italie, France, etc. ) as well in Amerika and Australia. In his own studio, Wiflried Van Gorp, teaches all levels. From age 4 up to 18. From Twinkle to Mozart.

He is a Suzuki Teacher Trainer in Belgium and Turkey.

ABOUT Pablo Muro

Pablo Muro studied piano at the Superior Conservatoire of music of Salamanca, Spain, and Musicology at the University of Salamanca. He gained the Bachelor Degree in Piano and the Licence in Musicology. Winning the Percy Heywood Scholarship, the government of La Rioja and Ibercaja offered Pablo a scholarship to study a postgraduate at the Royal Northern College of Music in  Manchester, England. Later, he received lessons from Luca Chiantore in Musikeon. 

He has performed in recitals and concerts with different chamber music  groups. Recently, he has collaborated as a soloist with the orchestra Camerata del Prado conducted by Tomás Garrido. 

At present, he works at the Music Conservatoire of Calahorra as a pianist, teacher  and as a Head of studies.

ABOUT Luis de Felipe

Luis de Felipe Arnedo, born in Calahorra, started his music studies at the Music Conservatoire of Calahorra following his Music Degree in Music perdormance in Cello and Chambre Music, at the Superior Conservatoire of San Sebastián, Spain, under the guidance of Roman Jablonski. He has studied with prestigious teachers like Ariel Tushinsky, Michal Dmochowski and Kazimierz Michalik. 

He has also had master classes with Philippe Müller, Ángel Luis Quintana, Donald Green and Yehuda Hanani. He continuous his CPD studing at the British Suzuki Institute the Suzuki Method, gaining the Certification of Suzuki Cello teacher of Level 2, recognized by the ESA (European Suzuki Association). He has also been the conductor of the Choir Virgen del Olmo, from Azagra (Navarra, spain), and the Choir Collegium Musicum La Rioja, Spain. 

At present, he collaborates with orchestras like Orchesta Collegium Musicum La Rioja and Banda Sinfónica de la Rioja and he is the Cello teacher and conductor of Orchestra at the Music Conservatoire of Calahorra.

ABOUT María López

I love working with children. I am fascinated by their potential. I respect them, admire them and I am grateful for what I learn from them and with them. Therefore, after a BMus (Hons) from the Royal Northern College of Music, I decided to train as a Viola and Violin Suzuki Teacher. 

I further developed my training with Kodaly, Dalcroze and Music Mind Games methodologies, as well as improvisation. My Psychology studies help me understand interpersonal relationships as well as people’s mindsets and its relevance to the learning process. 

I am grateful that I can keep learning from people around me and that life continues to offer me enriching experiences.

ABOUT Silvia Gómez

Silvia Gómez got his Piano Music Degree in 2005, at the Conservatoire “Eduardo Martínez Torner” (CONSMUPA) of Oviedo (Asturias), his birth city, specialising in Chamber Music with Tsiala Kvernádze.

She has received Mater clases from Francisco Jaime Pantín, Eldar Nebolsin, Nino Kereselidze and Olga Semouchina. She has also asisted to many interpretation courses with Antonio Rodríguez Baciero, Pilar Montoya, Luca Chiantore, Boris Berman, Sebastián Mariné, Paloma Camacho, Joel Lester and John Rink.
Wanting to expand his musical knowledge of early education, she trained in early childhood education with Orff methodology with James Harding, Wolfgang Hartmann and Sofía López-Ibor; and later in the Music Learning Theory from E. Gordon with Marisa Pérez.

Due to his passion to become a better teacher, he decides to start teaching little children and this takes her to do her Suzuki piano training with Mary McCarthy, with whom she is still training.

Later she trains on Music Mind Games with Silvia Crusellas and Michiko Yurko, owner and creator of the method.

At present, she Works at the conservatoire “Rafael Frühbeck” from Burgos and at the Aula Play Violin and Piano, a Suzuki Educational project with his colleague Alicia Tortuero, from Avilés (Asturias).

Dalcroze & Music Mind Games Course


The Dalcroze method was created by Émile Jaques-Dalcroze (1865-1950), a Swiss musician and educator.

Dalcroze established the association between music and movement as the cornerstone of his whole method. He confirmed that the best music education was the one that had a physical response, and therefore, the training should start with rhythm and afterwards with melody. Trough physical movement, students can develop the necessary skills to become good musicians: ear training, sensitivity, rhythm (relationship between space, time and energy) and the ability to reproduce spontaneous expressions (creativity and emotions).

The skills developed over the lessons, will become benefits for life: musicality, sense of rhythm and movement, physical and mental well-being, imagination and creativity, social skills, ease in public, mental balance and relaxation, intellectual and physical agility and concentration.


Music Mind Games is a method created more than 40 years ago by Michiko Yurko, which teaches music theory with a twist. The kids learn all the subjects with attractive materials and fun games, so they don’t realise they are learning. Due to this, they develop a good understanding and a balance throughout the musical learning. On top of that, they will gain so many benefits: 

  • Quick mental reflexes
  • Feeling of pulse
  • Tight, clear rhythms
  • Awareness of intervals
  • Respect for details
  • Rapid eye movement
  • Joy in reading
  • Curiosity
  • Confidence


The Dalcroze and MMG course is part of the Suzuki Summer Camp. Non-Suzuki Students can enroll to the course and it should be done using the separate application form.

Students will have 2 lessons per day.

Price: 155 €


You can access the Dalcroze and Music Mind Games Course just filling in the application form.

Collegium Musicum La Rioja


The Collegium Musicum La Rioja Association was born through the collaboration between musical and educational institutions in 2006-2007.

The project started when the University of La Rioja wanted to create a Choir that belonged to the own University, and later they wanted to extend this idea to instrumentalists and create an orchestra. That was a great call as many university students and music students from the conservatoires of La Rioja (Logroño, Calahorra and Haro) decided to take part in this innovative new idea.

The founders of Collegium Musicum La Rioja have as the main objective of this association to promote the exchange of ideas and musical experiences between teachers and students. His director, Alfredo Rodríguez Ugalde, professor at the Conservatoire of La Rioja, and in conjunction with other teachers from the University of La Rioja and the other conservatoires, design a training space to grow the practice of the ensemble music.

The main philosophy of the association is educational and all members work to promote, with a cooperative spirit, an artistic, musical, creative and playful activity that nurtures values like solidarity, coexistence, teamwork and the individual effort of all students. Although the association is still very young, their members have been able to create a nice symphonic orchestra with a perfect balance between all sections.

We still have to accomplish the expectations that we built, to correspond with enthusiasm, dedication and an open heart, and try to improve the success from the past.

The directors of the Camp.

Facebook: Collegium Musicum La Rioja


Collegium Musicum La Rioja
Tel: +34 663 754 569
Tel: +34 636 062 079



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